The Wealthy Gardener: Life Lessons on Prosperity between Father and Son


“A financial classic of timeless wisdom. It changed me forever.” ––Tom Brown

They dubbed him the Wealthy Gardener due to his vast fortune and his passion for backyard gardening. The silly nickname stuck, and he didn’t object to it. Instead, within a year he renamed his vineyards The Wealthy Gardens.

He enjoyed the name because it reminded him of a metaphor comparing life to a plot of land.

Gardeners are not afraid of working hard to shape their landscape, but they are also aware of a mysterious Unseen Force that operates behind the scenes to make the plants grow.

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The Reviews Say It Best. . .

 “A masterpiece that will be talked about for generations to come.” ––Richard W Rinck

“The parable itself is worthy of a legendary book.” ––Mike Morgenstein

“This is the Book of the Year, if not the decade!” ––Eric Simmons

”It’s better than Think and Grow Rich.” ––Ennis Seamus

“Best book since Rich Dad, Poor Dad!! I’m thinking it’s even better.” ––Ben Tallberg

“The Bible of enlightened wealth. This one is for the family library.” ––Perry Lai

“One of the most important books I’ve ever read.” ––Susan Sloate, best-selling author of Forward To Camelot and Stealing Fire

“The best book I’ve ever read on the “Every Man” way of accumulating wealth.” ––Eddie Wong, former Wall Street executive

The Audio Book Reviews. . .

“The best book I have! It is absolutely brilliant.” ––Will, Audio book Review

“Superb. Instant classic. It will change your life.” ––TheTotalConcept, Audio book Review

“Instant favorite.  I love this book.” ––Steve, Audio book review

Father and Son background. . .

The Wealthy Gardener is an intimate classic because it was written by a financially independent father for his ambitious son.

The father and son met weekly to discuss lessons on prosperity. A parable was used to clarify financial insights and maintain the son’s interest. This private education between the father and son lasted two years. These two years culminated in this remarkable book.

It is a treasure that you’ll want to keep on your desktop as a reference guide, review many times, and refer to your children, nieces, nephews and friends.

Topics you’ll explore in the book. . .

  • How the pursuit of wealth can be a noble adventure
  • Why earning excess money is wise and necessary
  • Why work that fulfills you is vital to amassing wealth
  • How to surmount obstacles that trap the masses in debt and wage slavery
  • How to engage free time to win your freedom
  • How to use financial fears as compelling motivators
  • How to tap intuition to sense opportunities and avoid calamity
  • How to transform your financial life within five years
  • How to cause lucky breaks through mental practices
  • How to amass enough money to never again have to worry about money

“The author’s noble intention of writing this book for his son is now a blessing for all those seeking financial freedom.” ––Joe Stanton

“As a guide to prosperity and happiness it is extraordinary.” ––Grady Harp


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